Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wolf Kahn; master of color and light

Earlier this week at a meeting, a client showed me a beautiful new painting they had recently acquired.  It was an abstract landscape with brilliant colors; I knew right away it was a painting by Wolf Kahn.  I have to say I was a teeny bit jealous.  I love his work. I love the way his landscapes have colors in them that you at first don't think seem realistic, until you walk through the woods on a winter morning and realize the sky really does have that purple-ish cast.  Often when I walk my dog in the woods, I think to myself...this is exactly the kind of landscape Wolf Kahn has interpreted so elegantly.  I'm sure I will never be able to collect important art like this for my own home; but I have to say it is a huge privilege to be able to design spaces around this stunning art!


  1. Gorgeous! We actually own a Wolf Kahn and I have it in a hallway because the colors are so vibrant, they are a bit hard to blend with my french country look. I do adore his work, and we inherited this from my in-laws. It's red and yellow with a touch of royal blue. It should be showcased over a mantel, center stage! I feel guilty hiding it in the hallway to my bedroom!
    Maybe in our next house... (this would be highly unlikely as we are not moving anytime soon.. ) maybe when we redecorate??


    1. Art is for enjoyment. If this piece makes you smile every time you pass it, it has served its most magnificent purpose for its creation.

  2. I'd be happy to trade you or paint you something in exchange. .. Just saying.

  3. Number 26 above, as you count from the top, is my copy of a Wolf Kahn, and it's plainly annotated as such on my blog. Very flattering, but it ought to be removed for the sake of honesty. Thanks.